Book: The Ones You Meet Crossing Over

You may have noticed my voice here, in this space, has been silent of late. It’s not because I’ve stopped writing, though! Over the past year I’ve been working away on a set of stories, all set in my home of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

The first, The Ones You Meet Crossing Over, is set in 1925 and follows Martin, an Irishman and a veteran of the Great War as he begins a career as a schoolmaster and makes a home in outport Newfoundland.

In these troubled times I’m thinking some of you might appreciate a unique tale, told in my curious Newfoundland (Dad) / Dublin (Mom) accent so I’ve decided to make the whole thing available in audio format up on Soundcloud

Here’s a link to Chapter 1: You don’t need to install Soundcloud if you don;t want to.

And Here’s a link to Chapter 2.


And, of course all of you are avid readers so perhaps you would rather do exactly that. If so, Chapter 1 is over on the link below as “Book 1 Sample” and Chapter 2, happens, for now, to be the latest post.

If you like it follow along. I will be adding a chapter every couple of days until it’s finished. There are eleven in total.