Education Class of 2016 – What would Dr. Seuss Have said?


8 thoughts on “Education Class of 2016 – What would Dr. Seuss Have said?

  1. There’s lots of good advice there Maurice. I know … from this far side of a career in education. Let’s hope each and every last one of your graduates will listen and take your words to heart. Well done. I especially liked that you had to say toward the end about leaving one’s self at the door … that teaching wasn’t really about teachers … but was, rather, about students. If students don’t learn we, as teachers, have failed. Telling them to leave every last bit of baggage at the door and to focus on what they’re there to do is the best advice of all. You did a great job. And, thanks for posting this as a video rather than as text. It gave me a good chance to enjoy your accent. D

    1. Thanks! Whew–this is actually the FIRST time I’ve been back here since August. It’s been a busy time and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. Too bad, though, the stuff I do day-to-day is not the stuff I can blog about.

      …at least not right now 🙂

      Josephine and I made a trip to Boston last weekend and I was thinking of you as it’s likely we weren’t all that far apart.

      I’ve been periodically visiting your spot over the past few months but mainly on the phone and, since my typing on that infernal thing is AWFUL I’ve been refraining from commenting.

      I especially enjoyed the schoolhouse post from last month.


  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your address to your students, Maurice. I’m sure that having had you as a tutor will hold them in good stead. How fortunate were they!
    What’s with the giant stuffed squid?

    1. Hey there Elke. This must have been the longest time I have ever left a comment waiting for approval. I’d totally overlooked it! Perhaps my new years resolution should be to be a bit more diligent! Thanks for this!

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