To the Student Teachers

G                                                   D
Best practice, Curriculum guides, Cooperative learning, Think, Pair, Share
Am                                     C
Differentiated Instruction,  Bloom’s Taxonomy
G                                                     D
Flipped Classroom, Manipulatives, Formative, Summative
Am                                  C
Scaffolding, Rubric,  Accountability

G                              D
To be teachers we aspire
Am                                 C
always yearning for the place of learning
G                                              D
but we don’t know if we’ll get hired
and to be forthright
it has us all uptight

Multiple Intelligence, Professional Development,
Certification, Short Attention Span
Critical Thinking, At Risk Students,
Lesson, Unit, and Assessment Plans

Authentic Assessment, Blended Learning,
Comprehension, Methodology
In Loco Parentis, Methods Courses,
Professional Learning, No Zero Policy

G                                   D
Nobody Excluded, Schools Act, Literacy,
Am                               C
Program of Study, Busing Schedule
G                          D       N.C
Pedagogy, IEPs, SCOs, ESL, UDL…
…Bunch of other terms as well
that now in your teacher brains do dwell

(to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” by Billy Joel)


10 thoughts on “To the Student Teachers

  1. Mary

    I know some of these concepts …but will have to look others up …a great poem to help students remember all the philosophies they need to keep in mind!!

  2. I only read the first lines in a notification e-mail, not seeing the chords – and We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel was in my head immediately 🙂

      1. I used to write songs like that and do small skits when I was in my 24/7 grind…but as a consultant it’s a bit different ball game…they don’t pay for singing 😀

      2. I meant more like the audience is not there for a consultant in a same way…the expectations are different…100% work, no play.

      3. Indeed. Fro time to time I still take on a side-gig (mostly elearning development) and, while it’s rewarding, it doesn’t bring the same joy as does working with students.

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